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my main movers today were $ADIL and $MYT, but they moved down so not the movement you wanna see. My portfolio consisted mainly of those two, and a lot of shares within $ATNM because people are convinced it's going to the moon.

Lessons to learn:

  • understanding how to properly use stop losses - my stop loss triggered at 1.53 on $ADIL
  • managining emotions while trading - when my 375 shares of $ADIL got sold bc of the stop loss, I sold 100 of my remaining 125 shares just because I thought that it was over
  • trusting your own research - i had done stock analysis, company analysis, and proper DD by myself but when everything tanked I panic sold after holding my largest position ever for pennies on the dollar.
  • look at the charts - if it's been following support so strongly and it decides to dip under, the sma will be true and it'll correct itself sooner than later
  • dont panic.