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1.01% 5.33%
main movers today: $BIOC and $AVCT

finally a solid day after many days of my portfolio being sideways, green mainly due to $bioc and then my few remaining shares of $avct. I sold $bioc a little too early in the morning apparently because it did end up going to $1.30 and i had sold half at 1.08 and the other at 1.09, but still profits all around for a quick chart read and normal delve in. i havent talked about it much but my god is square a sexy stock this bad boy does not go down much because its such a legit business thats gonna boom literally until it becomes the poster child for retail. $ntec is down a fair bit and I am now in the red with this so thats not the greatest but hopefully things turn around sooner than later. noticed that many more ppl were starting to talk about $amrh so i bought in another 100 shares. $dpw also tanked hard today so my stop loss triggered at $2.60 and sold most of it.

currently holding: $AMRH, $MSN, $NTEC, $VTGN, $PIXY, $DPW, and $TGA

    Lessons I learned:

  • when taking profits, don't take it all out if there's still growth - i jumped the gun on selling my $avct profits and i could be sitting on a significant portion of extra cash if i had only sold half yesterday and the other half today instead of selling most when I saw it going up.
  • trust ted - well i have, now with big money in $amrh, but $ntec also seems like a semi not great play so i'll see how that goes.


0.65% 0.37%
main movers today: $AVCT and $SQ

$atnm tanked hard in after hours but managed to sell most of my position at $0.50 and I had sold the other part earlier in the day for more. $chfs also fell HARD so i cut losses and escaped that boat. $ntec also wasn't the kindest to my pockets but i was still net green with it. $ibio spiked earlier in the day but i was asleep or not paying attention and it came back down so i sold at a $1 total profit. $avct in after hours took OFF and i sold most of my position at around 6.90, and another few at 7.90. holding very very few shares heading into tmr. bought $amrh on the ted call as well and some $dpw from this. ALSO, bought $bioc after seeing a few ppl say check out the charts and I saw a really really solid set up - MACD just abt to turn positive, semi low float, riding on support, steady RSI, and huge volume - already up 4% in after hours. All in all, just proud that both accounts today were green.

currently holding: $AVCT, $NTEC, $MSN, $BIOC, $VTGN, $PIXY, $TGA, $AMRH, and $DPW

Lessons I learned:

  • most of the time hype is not enough by itself - my position in $atnm was based on all the hype people were putting around it even though it was sus to me that there wasn't any PR coming out for an entire month; realized that even if the company was good, if there was no nearby catalyst then it's likely to just be stale.


1.34% 2.16%
main movers today: $NTEC, $AVCT, and $SQ

alarm didn't go off and phone wasn't working at all in the morn so i only saw the market around 10 AM. saw $ATNM going lower and lower and people losing faith in it so will potentially sell off 90% of my position tomorrow regarless of what happens.

currently holding: $AVCT, $NTEC, $MSN, $VTGN, $PIXY, $IBIO, $TGA, and $CHFS
bought a few $IBIO from the yates scalp call, bought a few $TGA from the anon rec (each of these plays are only 2% of portfolio so just to see how it goes out)
i also own $CHFS bc the eric that "called" $KODK said its gonna be a huge chart play but i also dont trust this guy that much - his chart call is pretty right tho bc it does seem that the squeeze will be nuts.

    Lessons I learned:

  • sleeping is not that bad - literally wouldn't have done anything different whether i was awake or asleep so that was interesting to realize
  • monitor multiple newsstreams - i haven't been checking out reddit or the general news which could be problematic sooner than later


8.00% 2.16%
main movers today: $MARA, $MSFT, and $ZVO

over the weekend discovered that not much was gonna be said at the $ATNM webinar on wednesday so I started scaling out of $ATNM and was able to scale out and drop my average down - it's only 30% of the portfolio now which is much better than the previous 65%. happy and bummed abt $MARA bc i sold a fat chunk of shares on last wednesday and it woulda been nice to finally have that play that tips my main account over the all time high. Also sold off the random $WWR that I bought at a very slight loss. Made a quick buck off of flipping $GRIN which was a welcome sight.

Bought into a lot of stocks and have no cash left over, new positions include: $MFH (from hoping that the crypto sector follows the EV one and that $MFH is to $MARA as $AYRO was to $SOLO), $VTGN (latest Ted Talk), $and $PIXY (Ted Tweet).

    Lessons I learned:

  • dont invest money you arent afraid lose scared money dont make money
  • keep at least 1 available day trade - i keep making stupid moves and having to scale in and out and having no day trades left makes me so afraid to get in on positions that have huge upside and downside



continued to add $ATNM on the dips, but my initial position was so large that it barely made a dent in my average price. Looks like there clearly is some strong resistance at 0.61 and at 0.65 and there's some actual shady shit going down as to how the market is holding this price down - they have a drug in phase 3 and they're getting ready for a solid analysis on their q4. Interesting to see how low shorts can actually keep the price.

Saw $MARA take off in after hours (48.03%) but sold off 75% of my position over the past few days so my gains weren't as high as could be (cashed out at 35% yesterday).

diversified portfolio and picked up abt ~100$ worth of each of the following:
$AVCT & $NTEC (from Ted),
$SPAQ (from the entirety of penny twitter going crazy over Fisker),
$ZVO from this, and
some $WWR that i really can't figure out the source of.

    Lessons I learned:

  • better understand how and when to scale out - $MARA had all the signs of taking off (sector was hot, following SMA 50 beautifully, massive hype, no clear shorts) and I even managed to tell other people to hold longer; yet I sold.
  • sleep better - honestly, staying up and praying that a chart continues to follow a support or crosses over to a positive MACD is not worth the lost sleep when you really can't do anything; sleep better and load dips/set up alerts for potential moves that you'd actually make instead of just stare at happen



my main movers today were $ADIL and $MYT, but they moved down so not the movement you wanna see. My portfolio consisted mainly of those two, and a lot of shares within $ATNM because people are convinced it's going to the moon.

Lessons to learn:

  • understanding how to properly use stop losses - my stop loss triggered at 1.53 on $ADIL
  • managining emotions while trading - when my 375 shares of $ADIL got sold bc of the stop loss, I sold 100 of my remaining 125 shares just because I thought that it was over
  • trusting your own research - i had done stock analysis, company analysis, and proper DD by myself but when everything tanked I panic sold after holding my largest position ever for pennies on the dollar.
  • look at the charts - if it's been following support so strongly and it decides to dip under, the sma will be true and it'll correct itself sooner than later
  • dont panic.