About Me

  • Full Name:Jay Kudva
  • Email:jay@valleyhacks.io
  • Website:www.jaykudva.me
  • Location:Malibu, CA
    San Jose, CA

Hello There!

My name is Jay Kudva and I'm a Junior attending Evergreen Valley High School.

As an active member in my community, I've gotten involved with numerous companies and organizations over the course of my High School journey.

Check out my LinkedIn for more of my projects, as well as a more detailed description of each venture.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Executive Director

    VALLEYhacks 2017 - Current

    I started a local hackathon alongside my friend Santosh Lakshman and the non-profit organization, Hack+, in order to spread my passion of Computer Science to my peers. My role is to oversee the entire organization of this 36 hour event: from creating the website to securing a venue to gathering sponsors. I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful organizing team by my side and hope to have the greatest hackathon possible.

  • President

    theCodeMatrix 2016 - 2017

    I was the President of the Tully Library Branch of the student run, non-profit organization. I ran a summer program dedicated to empowering elementary and middle school students on the world of computer science. Alongside my friends, we taught children in a low-income neighborhood the beginning steps of coding, while encouraging them to get involved with more and more projects that related to computer science.

  • Co-Founder & Tutor

    EasyATutors 2017 - Current

    Noticing the insane prices of tutoring for AP courses, my friends Neel Raja, Prabhdeep Kainth, and I decided to create a free crash course on AP Physics 1, AP Calculus AB, and World History AP. Our programs were hosted at our local libary and we worked closely with students and teachers to ensure that the material we were teaching was relevant and correct. We hope to expand the amount of subjects we offer tutoring in, as well as involve more of the community into our program.

  • Business & Electrical Lead

    GOATS 10761 Robotics 2016 - Current

    As the Business Lead, I am actively looking to find sponsors for our team and managing our relationships, as well as looking towards more Outreach opportunities. With my role as a the Electrical Lead, I have also become a major contributor to the actual robot that we used to compete, as Manav Korlipara and I routed the wiring to maintaing a clean and organized system.

    This season, our team has won three awards: the FIRST Winning Alliance Award, the FIRST Motivate Award, and the FIRST Finalist Award.

  • Teacher & Teacher's Aide

    Allstars United Education Foundation 2015 - 2017

    For my past 2 summers, I have volunteered as both a Teacher and a Teacher's Aide in the English and Math classes at the Allstars United Education Foundation. AllStars United Education Foundation provides services for children that result in the building of a compelling college portfolio for the star in every boy and girl. We believe mastery is a journey of continuous improvement. Our mission is to provide a path for every child that leads not only to high performance in academics, arts and sports, but also to the continuous development of the following six Habits of the Mind, or Habits of Mind as they are often called.

  • Head of Marketing

    ResinArtDesign 2015

    I was a marketing head at ResinArtDesign, where I helped a small Italian Startup reach out to customers in the Bay Area and US. Through a revamp of their social media accounts and online marketing, I increased sales by 3000% in the short time I worked there.

  • Chess Teacher

    San Jose Public Library 2015 - Current

    I volunteer at my local library with my friends Akshin Gopal and Santosh Lakshman and host free chess tutoring sessions biweekly. We teach these children the fundamentals of chess, as well as strategy.



Although I recently started coding, I hope to be fluent in Java by the end of March 2018. Currently I can code in HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, and Python.


I enjoy taking and editing photographs on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Here is my Flickr where I upload most of the photos I take.

Music Production

As a hobby, I enjoy making music and beats with the help of my friend Sunny. We've partnered up to make two EDM songs: Fuego and a Super Mario Bros. Remix.


At my high school, I represented our school in the state DECA competition for Apparel and Accessories marketing where I placed in the top 20. Moreover, I was a marketing head at ResinArtDesign, where I helped a small Italian Startup reach out to customers in the Bay Area and US.


In addition to filmmaking and photography, I love editing and comprising movies and videos. I've recently gotten into Color Grading and use DaVinci Resolve to color grade any films or clips for my videos or for my friends. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and occasionally use Sony Vegas Pro 14 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


For the past two years, I've been able to go represent my school in Parliamentary Debate. I have partnered with Kalyan Pullela and have won two awards for a perfect record on two instances at CFL Tournaments. I enjoy debate and plan to do it and a speech event for my following years.

My YouTube Channel

Below is my most recent YouTube video, check it out!