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Hey - 4/8/17

I'm going to attempt to make this a daily ordeal that has proper grammar. I worked on the site for a very large portion of today because my initial plan of going to Sweet Tomatoes was ruined because my friends are flakes and it's a very annoying feeling to look forward to something and then not get it. I studied a bit for calculus and I plan to study for History tomorrow, as I have a test that could make or break my grade.

I should also begin on my sixth CO.


Oh hey, I forgot this day existed but I had a really bad headache, whoops. We spent most of the day out because we first went to Newark to surprise Preetham uncle for his 40th birthday and it was a lot of fun. After that, we went and saw an aragetram with Nikhil and Shruthi and it was extremely interesting and boring at the same time, but regardless, congrats Krithi!

Then we went and got really good Indian pizza with Nikhil's squad and it was really fun because Shruthi made us all put our phones in the middle so we would socialize and it actually worked but I had a terrible headache so I was trying to get through that the whole time :(


I didn't really do much today except go to school and then come home and freak out about the Calculus MCQ that we have tomorrow. However, I think I did fairly well on my History test because I spent all of the time from our late start to study for it and it went well because I knew the answers to most of them and I felt a lot stronger than I normally do.

I'm writing this at night and I just realized that not only have I not done my Spanish homework, but I also have a test on either Thursday or Friday that I need to start preparing for like crazy. AHhhhh, I really hope I can clutch out the rest of the year because my AP Physics grade finally got to a B and Mr. Griffin is shedding some light for me to get an A this semester, now its just up to me to get it, I guess.




Tomorrow I have the Chapter 5B test in Spanish and I think I'm going to do fairly well because she told us the types of sections we're going to have and there are no paragraph writing sections or anything and this chapter makes a lot of sense; I hope I'll be fine. Additionally, I have an 80.4% in Calculus and it makes me freak out. PLUS, Mrs. Bhatnagar said there was going to be extra credit for her AB students and then it turns out it's only for her students with a D or F and that means I can't get it :( We have the calculator portion of an MCQ test tomorrow and I think I'm prepared but tomorrow's going to be such a tough day because I can't fail either of the tests and I'm so stressed out. I finished eating dinner and I'm going to review the Spanish vocabulary and then sleep by 10 tonight. I have to get up early though because I want to go over another mock calculator MCQ portion and finish the physics homework.

ALSO, theres the Comme de Garcon SHIRT x Supreme Bogo drop tomorrow and I think Vinh is going to cop a tee for me and I'm really excited for that.


hi i exist

hello mateys, i am quite alright

i had my calculus and my spanish final, and guess what

yer boi clutched em both ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy