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s/o to how idealistic the internet is. the sat is in two days, i'm falling sick, i'm not being able to sleep, but UWorld is helping me so much I feel so much better about the exam.

TIP OF THE DAY; Cut off all ties with them. Literally the minute someone starts to make you feel bad about yourself or you feel like they're about to start dragging you carelessly through some drama that you know deep down you don't deserve to be dragged through. Let them go

psa: if you’re thinking about allowing someone back into ur life based on the history u two have, DON’T. tuck those memories away and be sad as long as u need to rather than risking ur mental stability for a temporary feeling that comes and goes. lesson learned.

also, i found this gem from logic: "At least I don't drink to avoid the hurt, we call that Champagne". i'm glad that there are so many polarizing artists like logic and kendrick and j cole and tyler who don't smoke or drink because it shows that you don't need to dumb down to obnoxious standards to try to fit in with a group of people "since you can't have fun otherwise".

I'm going back to studying, adios!

also to the 203 people that check this out, please send me a message or a text or something because i have no idea why my site of all sites suddenly has traffic??

edit: holy crap i was listening to 44 bars and i think i've finally put everything behind me for the most part and i watched the genius video and kd got over the russ dilemma because of this song and this is breaking my mind right now yoooooooooo

it's technically the eighth as i write this (1:37 AM), but soylent is a true G. I hit my mental wall and I've just kept taking tests and getting 90% and not a single one has because I've misunderstood what was going on, but simply because I've either rushed, jumped to conclusions, or just haven't read the actual questions carefully. I hope a couple hours of sleep will help solve that issue but then its back to the grind wooo!

my work ethic is coming back and i'm hyped because i spent 11 hours today studying for the SAT but I don't feel drained, I feel energized for the test and a bit more satisfied knowing that my mean number of questions wrong on a history/social science passage has gone from 4 to 1. Tomorrow (or later today) I'm going to focus on taking two comprehensive SATs, finishing up a few more of the UWorld history/social science sections, and taking a few grammar sections just to make sure I haven't lost my edge. I'm also going to study for the essay and learn how not to get a 4 on the analysis because that still doesn't make sense to me.



Charles Dickens may potentially be the final variable that decides whether I go to De Anza or MIT.


also shoutout to dad for doing everything with me today to make me stop worrying about my score, he's a true G


yooooooo even travis doesn't smoke or drink how are these celebrities smarter than students at uBsB?

I'm about to sleep but i woke up today at 4:30 AM thinking that the Psychology test was today and then it turns out that it was postponed by two days and now I feel really dead. I have a stats test tomorrow but this is just the two sample version of everything from last semester so I just have to remember the correct statements and formulas and I think I have it in the bag. I'm of course going to wake up early to go over the theory stuff just to make sure that I completely understand everything.

On a side note, extra curriculars are starting to take so much of my time and now I've involved myself into starting two non-profits and I'm helping Abhi set-up his and I'm starting a company and I don't have leave anymore and I HAVE TWO WEEKS OF SPANISH HOMEWORK. My life is becoming really stressful again (but wooo I thrive on stress) and someone keeps trying to enter it like what?? i get that ur drunk or smt but hi u ruined my life, pls don't try to enter it and act like we can be friends thx!

I love varun naik. he's really amazing. 100/10 upperclassmen. all-around good papa.



I did really really really bad on my statistics test and I'm so afraid because now I need to clutch every test in the semester and do well on the final :(

I have 3 tests a day everyday for the rest of this week and plus I have meetings and I have to go out AND there's a robotics scrimmage this weekend so I think I'm going to have to finally re-learn how to live off of less than 7 hours of sleep a night!

CSF trip is in full motion wooo and I might buy a few lenses for the camera but I'm pretty content with the two I have right now so I just need to practice with them and learn how to shoot better film on them.

I'm doing psychology notes right now but I got a lot of Spanish homework that I'm behind on done.

Goodnight! also i didnt get an internship at fb :(


Hi so i want to talk about something so i'll quickly finish up what i did today: applied for internships, talked with nasa, realized i need a letter of rec, asked for a letter of rec, wrote a crispy email for letters of rec, formatted a website, took the second step in getting a patent, get a score 3 points from failing in stats, stressed out about stats, stressed out about sat, almost fell asleep in apush, did well on the psych exam, and now im watching ninja play fortnite with drake and then I have to sleep!

ok now that thats done TURNS OUT my block of the whole santa cruz area either 1) works and im just delusional, 2) works and theyre getting screenshots, or 3) doesnt work and i messed up severely. I think its the latter of the three but whatever it doesnt matter. ALSO i was just shown this really funny video about my spotify playlist names and damn would u look at that it took over 4 months but they cracked it !!!!!11!!! but tbh i genuinely did forget to change the names but whatever i laughed so hard bc its as if this is new news that someone cares abt like hi i left ur like 4 months ago or even if you care abt technicalities about 3 months ago now please leave mine and id prefer it :)))) no but fr i havent laughed that hard at a video in so long like this person thinks theyre gonna be something and that they are something HAHAHAHA @ me next time :) the truly best part is how large their ego is because if u read the caption then they would both make sense, but don't worry, i have since renamed the playlists in light of this AMAZING evidence

also hi varun again thanks for being such an amazing guy. thanks for helping me w the sat thing. and the letter of rec thing. and everything tbh. <3


ayy im "wildin out" i'm interested in these 826282 stories about me bc hi person i have just as much to say about you if not more so okie!




Ok so not much has really happened in the past few days but I've been busy with work and school and I haven't been home much at all BUT I submitted the NASA application and SAT scores come out on Friday!

As I'm writing this, I'm tired beyond compare because I just actually worked out (5 days in a row woooooo!) and I keep raising the ante so I'm really tired and I want to eat the pizza that's outside but dad's taking us to some fancy healthy restaurant:(

I watched the Yes Theory video today and I loved it (just as I do to all their videos) and I want to make sure that you/me/whoever that scrolls here watches the video because it's so nice and really reminds you on what type of perspective you need to have towards life.