I am currently a High School Junior
attending Evergreen Valley High School.

Below, you can check out some of the projects I've worked on
and a few of the clubs and organizations that I'm involved with.

Evergreen Valley Speech & Debate

I am a part of the Evergreen Valley Parliamentary Debate team, which is ranked third in the nation. Here, I work on my public speaking skills and my overall fluency. I intend to partner with alongside Manav Korlipara next season, although my previous partner was Kalyan Pullela.

Evergreen Valley Robotics

After one season in G.O.A.T.S 10671, I realized that I have a passion for robotics and coding and plan to pursue it as an extracurricular.


As one of the winners of the Silcon Valley TYE Chapter, my team and I are pursuing our recent business adventure on a large scale and hope to release our database and product to the public by Quarter 4 of 2017.

Evergreen Valley DECA

I attended the DECA State Career Development Conference, where I placed in the top 20 in the state for Apparel and Accessories Marketing.


As the president of the Tully Branch, I will be running a summer program dedicated to empowering to teaching K-8 students how to code.


My goal as a high school student is to build a skillset comprised of all types of qualities.
From coding to analyzing speeches, my plan is to hit every task and challenge I'm faced with head on and become the best that I can become.

  • Coding

    Although I recently started coding, last year, I hope to be fluent in both Java and Python by the end of 2017. Currently I can code in HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript.

  • Photography

    I enjoy taking and editing photographs on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Music Production

    As a hobby, I enjoy making music and beats with the help of my friend Sunny. We've partnered up to make two EDM songs: Fuego and a Super Mario Bros. Remix.

  • Marketing

    At my high school, I represented our school in the state DECA competition for Apparel and Accessories marketing where I placed in the top 20. Moreover, I was a marketing head at ResinArtDesign, where I helped a small Italian Startup reach out to customers in the Bay Area and US.

  • Debate

    For the past two years, I've been able to go represent my school in Parliamentary Debate. I have partnered with Kalyan Pullela and have won two awards for a perfect record on two instances at CFL Tournaments. I enjoy debate and plan to do it and a speech event for my following years.

  • Editing

    In addition to filmmaking and photography, I love editing and comprising movies and videos. I've recently gotten into Color Grading and use DaVinci Resolve to color grade any films or clips for my videos or for my friends. Normally, I do use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and occasionally use Sony Vegas Pro 14 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

My YouTube Channel

Below is my most recent YouTube video, check it out!